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dodging shade for a living


Eventually we’re just gonna have to accept “ducking” as a swear word

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Why Declawing is a Bad Idea (An 1-minute guide)

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A lot of people declaw their cats and then notice their cat starts doing its business in places that are not the litter box.

This is because the gravel of the litter hurts their toes so they avoid it entirely.

The world needs to know this shit!!!!!

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"   I hope they ask about me & I hope you tell them you fucked up.   "
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"   t hurts to let go. Sometimes it seems the harder you try to hold on to something or someone the more it wants to get away. You feel like some kind of criminal for having felt, for having wanted. For having wanted to be wanted. It confuses you, because you think that your feelings were wrong and it makes you feel so small because it’s so hard to keep it inside when you let it out and it doesn’t coma back. You’re left so alone that you can’t explain. Damn, there’s nothing like that, is there? I’ve been there and you have too. You’re nodding your head.   "
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A dress designed to change color in the rain, thanks to dye sewn into 
the seams. Created by Sean Kelly, Modeled by Angelica Guillen-Jimenez

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